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Team LazyBotz from BRAC University became the champion at DUET Techfest 2018 Speed Battle.

The battle segment held on 12th October 2018. The main challenge of this segment was to
complete the track as fast as possible without losing the line or misdirecting. A team of 6
students attended the competition divided into 2 teams. Sakib Ahmed(EEE Dept) with
Shemonto Das(CSE Dept) and Adil Hossain(CSE Dept) formed LazyBotz Jr 1 and Adnan
Sabbir(CSE Dept) with Elham Robbani(CSE Dept) and Anik Karmaker(CSE Dept) formed
LazyBotz Jr 2. Around 30 teams were present in this segment from almost all the universities of
Dhaka and some universities outside Dhaka. There were 2 round, the qualifying round, and the
final round. Team Jr2 made it to the final with the best time. And finally, they beat all the other teams
with the lowest time and won the championship.

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